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MORTORQ'S DIARY: 2/1/2005 - 2/14/2005 - The critical stage

Week 4 Progress as described by Nick

2/1 - 2/2: Progress slowed down slightly since we were spending less time after school due to final exams. Nevertheless, we were still able to get the arm ready to be mounted after scrapping our original idea for rotating the arm, and going with a much better idea.

2/3: We mounted the arm complete with rotating mechanism. After mounting the arm we realized that it was not yet powerful enough to lift tetras. So we discussed our options and decided on a method to modify the mechanism to increase its lifting ability.

2/4: We began modifying the arm mechanism. At the same time some people were built the gripper mechanism for the arm.

2/5: We finished modifying the arm mechanism and remounted. Our mod worked and the arm began to lift tetras with ease. However, we realized that our arm wasn’t getting to our goal height, so we decided on further modifications to the arm mechanism. The gripper full with pneumatics was installed.

2/6: We began modifying the arm mechanism, which took the majority of the day. While working we watched the Superbowl. We also programmed the pneumatic system and the arm system.

2/7: We finished modifying the arm mechanism and tried to troubleshoot some issues we were having with pneumatics. We also cleaned and reorganized our room, which was getting somewhat messy.

Week 5 Progress as described by Sloane

The robot was completed this week! Some final touches were made and the pneumatic system was fully installed. The team presented the robot to the Board of Education, and other sections of the team spoke. It's exciting to realize how close we are to the competition. Our team picture was taken on Saturday by parent Eileen Kahn, is now posted on our nearly completed website. It looks amazing. Later this week, we presented the robot and other team members to the City Council of Beverly Hills, like the Board of Education, they were all excited as well.

Robot shots

WDI's Deirdre Murr sent us this link for interested students: Mars Rover Webcast.
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