FUNDRAISING: 3/10/2005 - Cold Stone Total

E-mail from parent Eileen Kahn - sent at 11:16 p.m.:

We received the following amounts tonight.

Check from Coldstone - $159.25
Tips from the buckets I put out - $228.00

Total - $387.25

The owner had no idea how much we made in tips.....

Thank you Lauren and Doreen for organizing this for us. I think that everyone involved had a good time.

FUNDRAISING: 3/10/2005 - Cold Stone

Planned by Business and Writing member Lauren Brucker, we are having a fundraiser on Thursday, March 10, at the Cold Stone Creamery on South Beverly Dr.

Information from the flyer:
**What: Get Cold Stone made by Mr. Lee and the Robotics Team
(just mention that you are supporting BHHS ROBOTICS when you get there!)
**When: Thursday, March 10 from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m.
**Where: Coldstone on South Beverly Dr.
**Why: To raise money for the US FIRST Robotics competition in Denver
(if you tip $1 or more we will sing for you!)

Word document of Cold Stone flyer available on the Yahoo!Group, here.

Don't forget to volunteer to help. The mandatory training for the event is on Monday, March 7, from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Email Lauren Brucker ( if you want to help out.

This past weekend's competitions

The two regional events of this weekend: Richmond, VA and Atlanta, GA. To watch the regional events: NASA will be showing them online.

Posted on first_robotics: Here are some of this weekend's robotics winners. There also seems to be something about a fire...?

IMPORTANT: The rules have been updated, with new information about the Game, the Arena, the Robot, and the Tournament.

Competition consent and release form here.

bhrobotics rules

The past two months, I kept this community on moderated status only because it served as a temporary website for our team. Now that the website is up (it's very cool - and amazingly put together in only a few days - Check it out here), we can make this community a real blogging site. (The userinfo page will be changed to reflect this.)

Everyone now has posting access. (Although I will still be updating with information that will get put up on the website.)

Rules - very straightforward:
1) Keep everything U.S. FIRST, robotics, or MORTORQ related.
2) Keep things civil.
3) Try to use proper English. (Just a personal pet peeve.)
4) If you post large photos or long posts, be sure to place them under an LJ-cut.

Suggestions for posts:
It's always useful for us to keep better records, especially of the six-week building period. When you have time, please post up memories, lessons that you learned about teamwork or fun experiences that you have had in robotics, so that we can benefit from that information in future years. Feel free to post up pictures of MORTORQ that you might have.

Questions can go to vondutchboy21, our new mod, or me, polykleitos.

BUSINESS AND WRITING: 2/18/2005 - Chairman's Award and Website up

The Web site url and Chairman's Award have been submitted. (February 18, 2005 - 5:13 p.m.)

Intructions to view the read-only filesCollapse )

Original Word version of the Executive Summary is located, here.

Txt file of submitted Chairman's, here. The word count of the original Chairman's submission (as counted by the ever reliable Word) was much larger than the cut-off. Original submission, here.