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Beverly Hills Robotics - Business and Writing

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This is the home of the Beverly Hills High School U.S. FIRST Robotics team No. 1515, primarily the Business and Writing group. Our team is named MORTORQ, a play on the word "more" and the physics concept of "torque." Our sponsors include Walt Disney Imagineering and NASA, and the school district and numerous parents have also shown great support. As a first year team in Spring 2005, we competed in two regional competitions, winning Rookie Inspiration at Denver, CO and Rookie All-Star at Los Angeles, CA.

Here are some links for more information about U.S. FIRST and Team MORTORQ:

U.S. FIRST Robotics Website

Beverly Hills High School Robotics Official Website

Chief Delphi Forums

For access to Word or Excel files linked to in this community's posts, please join the Yahoo!Group BHRobotics.

This community is on moderated status - contact your friendly mods Sloane Trugman (sloanemeister) and Zach Kahn (vondutchboy21) if you have any questions.